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Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Industrial Smart Glasses continue their establishment in enterprises

Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Industrial Smart Glasses continue their establishment in enterprises

Atlanta, GA – With the introduction of the second generation of the Glass Enterprise Edition, the Glass team sets a clear sign for the future viability of smart glasses in industrial environments. The release proves, shortly after the launch of the Microsoft HoloLens 2, that yet another tech giant trusts in the success of the industrial AR-based wearable computing technology.

Already in the development phase, Ubimax, a long-time partner, worked together closely with the Glass team to be able to offer new and existing customers an optimized version of the established Ubimax Frontline software platform. With its ergonomic and light-weight design, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can be used in a variety of different use cases. Thereby, companies can deploy it in combination with Ubimax Frontline for pick-by-vision and make-by-vision projects along the entire value chain.

Compared to the previous version, the battery runtime and the temperature behavior have been improved. Another advantage is the optimized camera resolution. This creates a more purposeful use of the Ubimax remote assistance solution xAssist, as the expert receives a clearer view of the problem. Being equipped with a USB-C port, the new device can be charged more easily. Also, the deployment of the hardware in danger areas continues to play a role with the Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The electronics component, called Glass Pod, can be detached from the frame and thus be worn easily with safety glasses.

The first generation of the Glass Enterprise Edition was popular in industrial environments due to its flexibility. It has been in use with many Ubimax customers, including DHL, Penny Romania and Samsung SDS. This success story can be continued with the new version, as Dr. Hendrik Witt, CEO of Ubimax, proudly stated: “On the one hand, it’s great how detail-oriented the Glass team upgraded single components to enable an even better user experience for its users. On the other hand, we at Ubimax are aware of the symbolic meaning: The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 underlines the future potential of augmented reality-based wearable solutions for the industrial use.”

The Glass team represents a similar opinion on the cooperation with Ubimax: “The collaboration has been a success for both parties. We are excited that in Ubimax, one of our longest strategic partners continues to work closely together with us and creates use cases along the entire value chain with its Ubimax Frontline platform.”, said Jay Kothari, Project Lead Glass.

About Ubimax

 Ubimax is the leading provider of fully integrated industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions. The solution platform Ubimax Frontline improves manual work processes across industries along the entire value chain on the basis of the latest wearable computing technologies. The solutions are designed to consciously empower the human worker in an increasingly digitized working environment.

The Ubimax Frontline solutions have received numerous awards, including the Auggie Award for “Best Enterprise Solution”, the MHI Award for “Best IT Innovation” and the Automotive Logistics Award. ABI Research calls Ubimax the world’s leading company for industrial wearables and augmented reality solutions.

In addition to three locations in Germany, Ubimax has subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico. With more than ten years of industry experience and a remarkable track record in wearable computing, augmented reality, mixed reality, and sensor systems, Ubimax is leading the way. Ubimax today serves more than 250 customers worldwide and continues to grow.