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GHH presents LHD with Stage V

GHH presents LHD with Stage V

New LF-14 LHD with Stage V engine: Spearhead of GHHs strategy to become the “cleanest” supplier in the market (photo: GHH)

Gelsenkirchen/Germany, June 8, 2020

GHH, the manufacturer of heavy machinery for rock logistics, announces the launch of the Stage V engine range in their load haul dumpers (LHD). It starts with the new LF-14: A vehicle that is more than just a technical highlight.

It marks nothing less than the current spearhead of a strategy designed to make GHH the “cleanest” supplier in the industry. And the Germans are already well ahead in this respect.

Dump trucks and scalers meeting the currently most stringent exhaust emission standards have long been part of the product range: Take, for instance, the MK-A20 Stage V dump truck, delivered this year, the MK-A35 Stage V already operating well in the field since April 2019 and the MK-42 Stage V heading to the customer site soon. We also find a large fleet of the LF-7.6HB Stage V scaler successfully running at a mine in Europe since June 2019. And more loaders are closely following with the SLP-3H, SLP-14H, LF-8 and LF-12H planned for the Stage V implementation during 2020 and the new LF-7 following in 2021.

The new LF-14 Stage V occupies a key position at GHH. With the first machine having hit customer ground in early March, their second one on order and another customer having ordered 3 already, the LF-14 is seemingly the loader of choice.

It completes the missing link in an important chain: GHH is probably the first manufacturer to be able to supply a complete core range of machines with the cleanest combustion engines.

The fact that GHH also offers vehicles with electric drive, whether cabled or battery-powered, underlines even more how serious the manufacturer is about protecting the environment and the operators of its machines.

14 tons payload

GHH presented the LF-14 (with Stage IIIA and IV) as early as 2018. Various technology developments have been realized in the new edition. These include in particular the Volvo TAD1381VE as an engine option with Stage V: a 285 kW (1900 rpm) power package with SCR and DPF exhaust system.

The LF-14 with 41 t operating weight carries 14 t payload in a bucket designed for 5.4 to 9 m3. The vehicle is approximately 11 m long and 3 m wide and 2,4 m high at the cabin. It can be used in both hardrock and softrock applications. GHH says, it has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class and offers the proven DNA of all the manufacturer’s machines – which are proven powerful, robust, safe and reliable. Ergonomics and overall design quality have always been a priority.

Recently, the company announced the formation of the GHH Group as a merger of several manufacturers of the Schmidt Kranz Group. GHH now not only sees itself as a “Total Solution Provider” in the field of rock logistics, supplying almost everything that drives on wheels but also in compliance with all required emission standards as well.