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Georgia DOT Awards $53 Million in Construction Contracts for September 

Georgia DOT Awards $53 Million in Construction Contracts for September 

ATLANTA, GA – Georgia DOT awarded 15 construction contracts for statewide transportation projects totaling $53,692,343. The project bids were received on September 20, and contracts were awarded to the lowest qualified bidders on October 4.

The largest single investment contract, worth $23.6 million, was awarded to C. W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc. This project will widen and reconstruct 3.52 miles on US 19, US 41 and State Route 3 (Tara Blvd) in Clayton County. This contract, represents 44 percent of the awarded funds.

The second largest single investment contract, $5.8 million, was awarded to E. R. Snell Contractor, Inc. The contract is for the construction of 0.42 mile of a bridge and approaches on State Route 120 (Duluth Hwy) over Singleton Creek in Gwinnett County. This contract, along with five other bridge construction contracts, represents 28 percent or $15 million of the awarded funds.

The remaining 28 percent or $14.4 million is allotted for safety, resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation, and general construction projects at various locations across the state.

The September awards bring the total construction contracts for Fiscal Year 2020 to $135 million. Fiscal Year 2020 began July 1, 2019.

Please note that revisions have been made to the June 2019 letting; a previously deferred contract has been awarded for work in Hall County. To view the September Award Announcement, the previously deferred contract and all other bidding information, please visit https://www.dot.ga.gov/PartnerSmart.

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