The theme for the dedication was “Enhancing Cultural Legacy Through Public Realm”

Washington, D.C. — AECOM, the world’s premier infrastructure consulting firm, recently participated in the dedication of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, which it designed in a joint venture partnership with Gehry Partners. The memorial was commissioned by Congress in 1999 and is the first national presidential memorial constructed in the 21st century. The contract was awarded to the joint venture in 2010 and final design services were valued at more than $29 million.

“This public opening is the culmination of years of dedicated work by the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to honor the World War II Supreme Allied Commander and 34th President of the United States,” said Krista Kehrer, AECOM’s project manager overseeing the memorial.

The four-acre memorial precinct includes a centrally located, large-scale stainless-steel tapestry designed by Gehry Partners, a visitor services center, and green space designed by AECOM, including more than 150 trees, decorative plantings, and ground cover. Additional features include multi-faceted stormwater management, snow melt, and rainwater harvesting and reuse systems.

“The team at AECOM was an integral part of solving many complex circumstances in constructing the Eisenhower Memorial in such an urban setting,” said Victoria Tigwell, deputy executive director of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission. “We appreciate the teamwork, problem solving, and results achieved together to create this beautiful memorial for the American people.”

Officially opening to the public last month, the memorial features innovative and sensitive commemorative elements designed by Gehry Partners. Leading the design for AECOM was distinguished landscape architect and former AECOM chief innovation officer, Joseph E. Brown, and his design partner, Roger Courtenay.

“The legacy of this project spans more than a decade when Joe Brown approached Frank Gehry to collaborate on the design competition for the Eisenhower Memorial,” Mrs. Kehrer said. “Together, they won the competition and formed a joint venture to design the memorial, which was the start of this incredible journey to honor President Eisenhower’s legacy as a president, a military officer, and a citizen.”

The Eisenhower Memorial adjoins promenade and public streetscapes to create an enduring and memorable addition to the great parks and open spaces of Washington, D.C. The Gehry-AECOM team also designed the DDOT required transportation elements, which included street lighting, traffic signs and signals, and crosswalks. The joint venture is currently managing the memorial’s submission for LEED certification.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission was created by Congress in 1999 by Public Law 106-79. The Commission’s congressional mandate was to establish an appropriate, permanent national memorial to Dwight D. Eisenhower. The enabling legislation dictated that a memorial would be created to perpetuate Eisenhower’s memory and his contribution as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War II and as the 34th President of the United States.

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