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Gantry Safely Sets a Threaded Generator from a Transverse Position

Gantry Safely Sets a Threaded Generator  from a Transverse Position

VALPARAISO, IN  Setting a generator is always a big undertaking. However, when Edwards’ Moving & Rigging was contracted by a new combined cycle power plant in the Northeast, there were two logistical challenges that fell outside of the norm. Their first concern was the tremendous weight of the generator. To address schedule shifts, the plant had decided to ship the generator threaded, which significantly increased the weight to 873,500 pounds.

The second obstacle was that the site’s construction sequence prevented the generator being set from the end of the pedestal. It would need to be lifted from a transverse position rather than a linear position. Safely managing the load with the misaligned center of gravity was of paramount consideration. The 60-year-old company called the heavy lift experts at Engineered Rigging to discuss possible equipment solutions.

“Talking through each element of the project helps us to fully understand our client’s needs. Sometimes, we identify additional concerns that the client has not considered. It’s a value-added service that we provide to every Engineered Rigging customer,” shared Eddy Kitchen, co-founder of Engineered Rigging.

After a careful analysis, Engineered Rigging recommended a large capacity gantry system for the job. The Enerpac SBL 1100 was chosen for its high load capacity, ability to travel, and ease of operation. Renting the gantry from Engineered Rigging’s Arkansas facility was the convenient and optimal solution, as Edward’s fleet was fully utilized at the time of the project.

To overcome the project challenges, the Edwards’ team positioned the gantry system perpendicular to the generator using custom-built, lightweight long-span box girder beams with a 660-ton capacity and 60 feet of gantry track. Additionally, Edwards inserted timber mats to rectify inadequate ground bearing pressure on one side of the pedestal.

Next, a self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) was used to transport the generator from the rail siding into the building. The trailer was transversely positioned at a point significantly off the centerline.  Using the gantry’s ability to travel and Edwards’ 660-ton side shift system, the generator was safely lifted onto the elevated pedestal.

“One of the major differences that sets Engineered Rigging apart is our array of in-house services extend beyond heavy lift equipment rentals, sales and service to include contract engineering and design/build services. We hang our hat on our ability to be a true partner on our clients’ projects,” shared Kitchen.