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Gannett Fleming shares corporate sustainability report

HARRISBURG, PA. — Gannett Fleming released the “2012 Reengineering Sustainability” report with stories and metrics on how it surpassed its three-year sustainability goals. The firm met its 2012 goals to reduce energy use, water use, and solid waste at its corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., in 2011 — a year early. Through ongoing efforts to reuse, reduce, and recycle, Gannett Fleming further exceeded the goals in 2012. The title of the report, “reengineering sustainability,” captures how the firm has taken its sustainability program above and beyond to the point of needing to “reengineer” the successful program.

The report also highlights other aspects of the firm’s commitment to social responsibility, which includes health and wellness, safety, continuous education, training, sustainable accreditations, and community service, and it debuts the firm’s 2014 corporate sustainability goals. The public can review the corporate sustainability report at: www.gannettfleming.com/corporatesustainability.htm.

A section of the report profiles projects that incorporate sustainable attributes — including a wastewater treatment plant that reuses biogas to satisfy a portion of its power requirements — to demonstrate how Gannett Fleming has responded to its clients’ challenges with fresh-thinking and sustainable solutions.

Publishing the report digitally is an extension of a corporate sustainability program launched in 2009. As part of this program, the firm defined the sustainable metrics it would record, established baseline data, and set reduction goals to measure progress in reducing the firm’s environmental footprint.