HARRISBURG, Pa. – Gannett Fleming and Indie Energy are developing a powerful integrated approach that can reduce the capital and operating costs of a company’s water and energy reduction and reuse projects with next generation technology.

Water and energy providers, as well as business leaders, must deal with the challenge of sustaining both these essential resources to ensure future success. While many tools may measure and monitor energy and water usage, the Gannett Fleming and Indie Energy team goes a step further by providing a powerful tool to model and measure data in real-time, as well as simulate the outcome in advance. Through the simulation and ongoing commissioning, clients are better informed of water and energy usage and can make more-informed business decisions.

The collaboration combines the planning, design, technology, and construction management services of Gannett Fleming with Indie Energy’s smart technology that integrates seamlessly with building and facility automation systems. Indie Energy’s platform provides an open environment for powerful engineering and energy management applications that leverage the infinite computing power of the cloud.

“Combining our services with Indie Energy’s technologies can take us to the next level of assisting our clients in meeting their operational and sustainability goals,” said Gene Koontz, P.E., a senior vice president and director of the Environmental Resources Division at Gannett Fleming’s corporate headquarters in Camp Hill, Pa.

“Industry today needs high-impact, low-risk, energy efficiency measures that solve complex problems,” said Daniel Cheifetz, Indie Energy Chief Executive Officer. “The partnership between Gannett Fleming and Indie Energy addresses this need with a combination of expertise and technology that will enable widespread industrial retrofits,” Cheifetz added.

The Indie Energy Network and Energy App technology provides cloud-based measurement, verification, control, and optimization of systems to monitor, control, and improve performance of energy and water usage, enabling facilities to be engines of energy efficiency. The technology is particularly helpful to the food and beverage industry, as managers look for approaches to reduce the use of water, energy, and other resources in a sustainable manner, while meeting business and operational goals.

“Developing and applying Indie Energy’s smart technology that optimizes the interrelationships between water and energy uses in a production facility in a holistic way provides a compelling business approach to attaining sustainability goals, achieving efficiencies, and saving time and money,” said David Drew, P.E., a principal engineer for Gannett Fleming based in Milwaukee, Wis. The innovative approach will debut during the Greenbuild NEXT conference, sponsored by U.S. Green Building Council in Toronto, Canada, Oct. 4-7, 2011.