CENTENNIAL, COLO. — After another year of impressive submissions, the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) has announced the winners of the 2010 Excellence in Hot-Dip Galvanizing competition. More than 90 applications presenting outstanding projects completed in 2009 were submitted to be independently judged in 13 categories by architects and engineers.

One project is awarded per category, with the year’s highest honor across all categories awarded the “Most Distinguished” designation — this year, the Deltaport Third Berth Expansion. Despite a tight race, 17 submissions were chosen to represent the best of each category, including a new “Lifetime Achievement” designation added to recognize projects in service for a minimum of 15 years. Valmont Irrigation Systems was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement honor.

Submissions span the gamut from delicate, inspired artistic pieces to sprawling tons of structural framework. The Artistic category winners evoked motion, with flowing manes and flying spirits. Bridges stretched broadly across the water, while, alternately, communication towers pierced heavenward.

Whimsy and wonder inspired the Escher-like Building and Architecture winner, as well as the Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure in Recreation and Entertainment and the forest-like water park in Water and Marine. Somber and lovely, the donated Civic Contribution winners will carry on in celebration, while bustling, processing plants, unloading facilities, transportation stops, conveyors, ports, and irrigation systems will continue their daily grind uninhibited by corrosion — each winner has a story and purpose.

For full project descriptions, please visit www.galvanizeit.org.