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Further Global Awards for Kaynemaile

‘Mesh with the Best’

New York’s Architizer.com has awarded Kaynemaile’s RE/8 architectural mesh an A+ Jury Award for ‘Building Envelopes, Cladding, and Roofing’ in its 12th annual awards honoring the world’s best architecture and spaces. Kaynemaile was also the A+ Popular Choice Winner for ‘Sustainable Design.’

The design-led company from Petone, New Zealand’s on an awards roll following its naming in the U.S. Architectural Record Products of the Year Awards saluting the best building and design products introduced to the U.S market within the last year.

In 2023, Kaynemaile won ‘Global Gold’ for exporting at Wellington’s Gold Awards and featured in multiple New Zealand architectural awards including a bespoke kinetic Wave facade for Invercargill Central that helped transform the city center into a vibrant community hub with a beautiful indoor shopping complex.

The U.S. awards are for Kaynemaile’s new RE/8 product launched in San Francisco a year ago. RE/8 is made from 88% bio-circular content from Covestro, the world-leading provider of high-tech polymers. Kaynemaile’s mesh is extremely lightweight, uses 20% of the energy needed to produce steel, and is 100% recyclable.

“Today Kaynemaile is a global leader in specialized architectural mesh applications that can be found on building exteriors and interiors all over the world,” says Kaynemaile founder and CEO Kayne Horsham. Over 90 per cent of sales are generated through exports.

Horsham says RE/8 has achieved a rare certification from the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) organization covering its entire product cycle from ‘cradle to grave.’ RE/8 features a reduction in the carbon footprint of the base polymer material by up to 80%.

Kaynemaile’s focus on the U.S has seen the recent completion of exterior and interior projects in Atlanta, Dallas, Des Moines, Los Angeles, and Orlando, as well as Santa Clara in Silicon Valley where 1,000 square meters of Kaynemaile 3D kinetic Wave screens now covers an 800-space parking garage, plus another Wave façade system currently being installed on a large car parking garage in Galveston, Texas.

Outside of the U.S., Horsham says a major building wrap for a high-tech manufacturer has just been unveiled in Belgium, with new designs currently in development for retail and hotel installations in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Closer to home, June sees the formal unveiling of Waimahara, a transformative interactive urban artwork in Myers Park, Auckland. The mana whenua-led project honoring the presence of ancient waters now flowing beneath the ground is an interactive sound and light sculptural installation, inspired by Kaynemaile’s 13,000m2 2020 Dubai World Expo entrance sculpture and shade canopy.

Wellington technology investor Movac is lead shareholder in Kaynemaile. Movac founding partner Phil McCaw has been chair of Kaynemaile since 2016 and says the flow of awards to the Petone represents the success of a ‘wonder product’ created by founder Kayne Horsham.

“The work that the Kaynemaile team have done over the past three years executing a major circular economy shift is opening multiple opportunities in architecture and construction as building codes around the world move to exacting new standards of environmental compliance.

“Kaynemaile is a beautiful thing that has taken a long time to bake,” says McCaw. “This is a business that combines architectural aesthetics and functionality, materials and building science, machine design, manufacturing, exporting, intellectual property, and climate mitigation.”

In 2023 Kaynemaile doubled the size of its production facility and commissioned a new injection molding machine to enable 24/7 shifts as the company closes on some of the largest order enquiries they have experienced. The company works closely with artists, architects and engineers throughout the world to customize its mesh systems to meet their specific design requirements.

Whether it is a mega parking garage facade or a highly decorative atrium chandelier, Kaynemaile’s technology, IP and large-scale delivery knowhow makes Kaynemaile the ‘go-to’ when traditional solutions fail to offer a solution.

Kayne Horsham says an emerging key benefit of Kaynemaile is what he calls the ‘WonderCool Effect.’ “With nearly a quarter of the U.S. population projected to live in extreme heat conditions, there is an urgent need for passive heat mitigation technology in new building designs. Kaynemaile mesh facades deliver a 70% reduction in solar gain on exterior installations. It’s a product made for a hot world.”

About Kaynemaile

With its origins in the Creatures, Armor, and Weapons department of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Kaynemaile has evolved into an international business based on its patented liquid-state manufacturing process coupled with compelling design aesthetics and a team focused on providing custom-made design solutions at scale.

Established in 2006, Kaynemaile designs and manufactures highly versatile architectural mesh systems for commercial, public, and residential building facades, and interiors through to public artworks, lighting effects, and stage shows.

Kaynemaile has been awarded the IF Material Award, NYCxDesign Award for Best New Architectural Product, Architecture MasterPrize for Building Envelope and Construction Materials, and Civil+Structural Engineer Yearbook of Engineering Achievement 2021 and 2022 for Environmental and Sustainability. Most recently Kaynemaile was awarded in Architectural Record’s best building systems and components 2023 and Architizer’s 2024 A+ Awards for Building Envelopes, Cladding, and Roofing and Sustainable Design.

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