Burlington, Mass. — Fay, Spofford & Thorndike (FST) opened a new, 35-person office at 400 Crown Colony Drive in Quincy, Mass. The 100-year-old engineering, planning and environmental consulting firm established the office to ease the commute of its South of Boston employees, provide greater proximity to its Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod clients and accommodate the bulk of the staff from the recently acquired Norfolk Ram Group.

Bill Reed, P.E., Director and head of FST’s Transportation Division, is the principal in charge of the office, while Associate and Vice President Jeffrey Paul, P.E., is the Office Manager.

The newly renovated office space in Suite 200 provides approximately 10,000 square feet of working area, including a fully networked conference room, kitchen and multiple private offices. An Open House at FST’s new Quincy office is planned for September 24.

“Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod have been important regions for us from the very first days of our company,” says Reed, a Pembroke resident. “Having an office in Quincy puts us right in the heart of this region with much easier access to Cape Cod, the South Shore and the South Coast. This office also vastly improves the day-to-day quality of life for our staff that lives on the South Shore, reducing commute times by as much as an hour each way.”

The office is strategically located for a number of important upcoming and ongoing FST projects in the region. FST will soon start final design on the I-93/I-95 interchange in Canton, along with planned or current projects in Quincy, Taunton and other South of Boston communities.

“Traffic only seems to be getting worse,” adds Paul, who lives in Easton. “Our new office, in a spectacular location, offers us the ability to be more responsive than ever to our South of Boston clients, while showing our dedicated staff that we value their time and will do everything we can to make their work environment as comfortable and productive as we can. We recognize the importance of work-life balance, and this new office location in Quincy is a major step forward for many of us at FST.”