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Four new Environmental Product Declarations cover most CCW products

Four new Environmental Product Declarations cover most CCW products

Design and construction professionals today are tasked with selecting products that have the lightest impact on the environment. Those who understand the entire life cycle of building materials can help create a more sustainable building industry.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing (CCW) is helping that effort by providing four Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), covering most products in its waterproofing and air and vapor barrier lines.

EPDs are independent third party assessments using standard methods and metrics to quantify a product’s impact on the environment. CCW’s EPDs are product specific with cradle-to-gate scope. “Cradle to gate” addresses the environmental impact from raw material extraction to production of the finished good, staged, and ready for shipment to the customer.

“Securing an EPD requires considerable time and financial resources,” says Brian Carey, product manager for commercial air barriers with Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies. “It requires an ethical, disciplined organization to provide the facts and data to the independent parties for the EPD inputs. We are happy to provide EPDs to help our customers assess the environmental impact of their projects.”