The RMC Research & Education Foundation released a companion Guide for the Construction Team to the report released in September—New Technology-Based Approach to Advance Higher Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Acceptable Performance. The study demonstrates that ready-mixed concrete producers may use a greater amount of fly ash—a recycled material—in concrete mixtures while maintaining strength and performance and while still being able to attain the early-age strengths required for the application.

This new guide will assist the entire construction team in its efforts to integrate more fly ash in a variety of construction projects. The new guide complements the original study, which was conducted at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Research Laboratory.

"The development of this guide is a terrific tool for the concrete industry to effectively implement the findings of the original study," said RMC Research & Education Foundation Chairman George Gregory. "Findings from studies such as the Fly Ash report make a greater impact when accompanied by materials that will assist those in the field with proper application. The inclusion of the development of the accompanying Guide was a compelling factor for the Board of Trustees when they approved funding for this project."

Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini noted, "The continued loud call for increased use of recycled content throughout the construction industry compels all involved in a construction project to understand the best ways to implement those materials. That this new guide is designed to be used by the entire construction team—contractor, concrete producer, and engineer—ensures that all important members of the project understand how fly ash may be properly used in the project."

Both the original study and the Guide for the Construction Team are available for download from the foundation’s website at and are also available as part of the foundation’s Research Supporting Sustainable Development CD.

The mission of the RMC Research & Education Foundation is to support research and educational programs that will increase professionalism and quality in the concrete industry.