WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fundamental changes taking place in Washington, D.C., could directly impact the business outlook for companies serving the water and wastewater industry. Leading product and technology suppliers will convene in the nation’s capitol on April 19-21 to obtain insights into the politics, economics, and social dynamics of today’s marketplace at the 38th Annual Washington Forum, sponsored by the Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA).

“Political Pendulum: Impact on Business in the Water Sector” is this year’s theme. Political columnist Rich Galen will kick off the event with a look at the new Congress and its priorities. Joining him will be speakers from Capitol Hill and the administration, representatives from state and local government, and industry leaders from the consulting engineering, construction, and financing community. Presentations will focus on:

  • New Congress, new priorities
  • Congressional outlook in the water sector
  • Regulatory priorities for water
  • Market trends from the consultant’s perspective
  • The state of the states
  • Municipal perspective on project needs and financing
  • U.S. economic outlook – recovering, not recovered
  • Municipal financing – where’s the money?
  • The administration’s export trade strategy
  • American chambers of commerce – your key to exports
  • Market spotlight: Mexico and Australia

Details on the WWEMA 38th Annual Washington Forum can be found at www.wwema.org.