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Focus on veterans

Focus on veterans

These brave and self-sacrificing men and women deserve our support.

In recognition of Veterans Day, this issue of Civil + Structural Engineer focuses on veterans of the U.S Armed Forces. 

See “AEC veterans: Tested in combat, those who served the country are proven leaders in the engineering field” (page 16) and “Hiring veterans: Vet Centers can help firms find skilled and experienced professionals” (page 19).

As an employer of literally hundreds of veterans during my 38-year career, I can say that — with only a few exceptions — they have all been calm, balanced, hard-working, disciplined, and responsible employees. Something about the military experience — putting the “team” above your own needs — makes for a very good employee. 

As a professor, I have had the privilege of teaching some career military people as well as those who did a couple-year stint in the military. Without exception, all have been good students who did their assignments without excuse, produced quality work, and did well working in small groups — many assuming leadership of their groups in group projects. I have to say that I am favorably disposed toward veterans!

These brave and self-sacrificing men and women deserve all our support. Often traveling to foreign countries where they get shot at, bombed, injured, and killed, they give up time away from their families while putting their lives on the line.

Enjoy this November issue of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine! We’re here to elevate you, celebrate you, and honor and promote the engineering profession and the work you do. Please let me know any way you think we could improve our publication. We — and our advertisers and sponsors — depend on your input and support.

Mark C. Zweig mzweig@zweiggroup.com