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Fire test success for Rhino Doors’ premium-rated latched doors

Fire test success for Rhino Doors’ premium-rated latched doors

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance engineered doors for the protection of people and assets has successfully completed testing on its premium fire-rated door sets.

Rhino’s FD120HL door, which mainly finds internal applications in commercial and industrial buildings, was tested for fire integrity from both sides for 60 minutes, in accordance with EN1634-1.

The most recent fire test took place on the single leaf variant of the door, after its double leaf counterpart was tested in 2021 and achieved an impressive 2-hour rating.

This success has now continued, with the single leaf variant of the stainless-steel door achieving the same 2-hour rating, which far exceeds the requirements for a fire door of its kind.

All of Rhino’s fire doors are carefully designed by a team of experienced engineers and must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the relevant safety standards.

The success of these fire integrity tests speaks to Rhino’s position as the UK’s foremost manufacturer of high-performance personnel doors, solidifying its reputation for providing the ultimate protection to its clients.

“The completion of our fire integrity testing on the FD120HL door is a great triumph for the Rhino team, whose skill and expertise in design have been paramount to this success,” said Dr Chris Norris, Group Engineering Director of Rhino Engineering Group.

“We pride ourselves on producing doors that can withstand complex environmental pressures, and we now have an established and verified door design, in single and double leaf configurations, for which we will continue to find applications in commercial settings.”

To find out more about Rhino Doors and its range of fire-rated personnel doors, please visit www.rhinodoors.com