WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is currently performing research and development work to (1) evaluate and establish criteria for sustainability in roadways; (2) develop a tool to assist organizations in applying those criteria; and (3) establish an evaluation method to assist with demonstrating progress and measuring benefits from a sustainable project. Work on this entire effort is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010. The Greenroads team (CH2M HILL and UW) is performing this work on behalf of the FHWA.

The Greenroads Version 1.0 manual is published and available for download at http://www.greenroads.us/366/download-the-manual.html. The latest version (with Errata) was initiated April 19. Both abridged and full versions are available. The Manual will be open online for public comment and review starting May 17. To review the manual, please visit www.greenroads.us. Also, the group is now working on about 15 to 25 pilot projects with various projects around the continent to see how the system works. To participate, please visit http://www.greenroads.us/12/resources.html.

As part of this effort, the FHWA has issued a ‘call for test projects’ — specifically looking for projects that demonstrate sustainability best practices for roadways. The definition of ‘sustainability best practices’ is quite broad and can be any item(s) in the planning, development, design construction, operations or maintenance of a project. Ideally, the project would be under construction this summer when these ‘test projects’ will be reviewed. However, other project stages can also be considered including those that have been recently finished.

Not all projects submitted in response to this call will be selected as actual test projects. The projects ultimately selected will be a representative variety of project types and phases, geographies, and highway functional classes. Projects selected will be used to test, evaluate, and add to the preliminary criteria of sustainable highways being developed in this effort and to identify promising innovative practices and technologies that can achieve these criteria. Work with a test project, for example, could involve interviews with project personnel, collection of project documents, and a potential visit by the development team to enable more detailed analysis.

Download and fill out a nomination form at www.greenroads.us/files/155.doc no later than May 15.