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Extracker delivers safety and security for construction industry during coronavirus crisis

Extracker delivers safety and security for construction industry during coronavirus crisis

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Top software platform enhances efficiency and eliminates risky in-person contact so contractors can save time and protect revenue

SAN FRANCISCO – Extracker, a cloud-based collaboration platform that helps general contractors and subcontractors create, track and share change orders and time and material tags, offers added safety and financial security during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring real-time visibility into project costs for all parties and providing tools for working remotely and touch-free.

With Extracker’s industry-leading application, contractors can manage change order requests and time and materials tags to save time, protect revenue at risk, eliminate delays and provide real-time financial visibility.

“In the construction industry’s current uncertain climate, closely tracking costs is more important than ever,” said Cameron Page, founder and CEO of Extracker. “When you need to make key financial decisions for your business, it’s critical to know exactly where you stand on change orders and what you can bill for. That can be impossible when subcontractors and GCs track T&M work on paper, log CORs in a spreadsheet and correspond through email. With practical, collaborative and easy-to-use software like Extracker, contractors can be on the same page at all times and clearly communicate out-of-contract costs due to change orders.”

In addition to financial protection, Extracker provides many of the country’s leading subcontractors and general contractors a key tool to track T&M work while complying with COVID-19-related jobsite distancing requirements. Instead of filling out paper T&M tags for physical authorization, subcontractors can use the Extracker mobile app to professionally document their work and request a digital signature by email. The touch-free process automatically generates a cloud-based log for both companies.

Many of the leading construction companies in the United States trust Extracker. Turner, a global provider of construction services with 10,000 employees, recently leveraged Extracker to convert the Sacramento King’s former NBA Arena into a field hospital to treat up to 360 COVID-19 patients.

Instead of bidding the project, Turner agreed to perform the work on T&M. All of their trade partners were trained on Extracker in less than 24 hours and used the touch-free workflow to get T&M Tags signed and automatically price out a change order request at the end of each day. With Extracker, Turner was able to see the project costs in real time and keep their teams healthy.

“The goal for our customers right now is to get their teams back to work, and to do that in a healthy way,” Page said. “Our tools allow them to do their jobs touch-free in a challenging environment and also help them protect their profit margins in this new economy. These are difficult circumstances, but it’s also an opportunity for companies to evaluate their processes and workflows to incorporate new ideas and technology that will continue to give them competitive leverage after the current crisis has passed.”

For more information, visit www.extracker.com.

About Extracker

Extracker is the easiest way for construction teams to track change orders. Most contractors and their customers struggle tracking change orders with tools like Excel and email. So we created a cloud-based collaboration platform to organize the process, helping contractors speed up processing time, increase profits and maintain better customer relationships. The software is completely free to use as a tracking tool and we offer premium features to automate the workflow of creating and processing these documents. Founded by a former general contractor, Extracker is designed to automate the real-world process of creating and tracking time and material tags and change order requests using technology to streamline the workflows. For more information, visit www.extracker.com.