The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), the Society of American Military Engineers, and the American Society of Civil Engineers are hosting a conference July 24-26, 2007, in Sacramento, Calif., to provide in-depth analyses of the problems, engineering issues, and solutions associated with California’s more than 6,000 miles of levees. The three-day event, Still Battling the Inland Sea: Exploring Solutions to California’s Complex Water Issues, will consist of plenary sessions with policy and technical breakout workshops.

Speakers will include elected officials; principals from the Corps, California Department of Water Resources, and local flood control agencies; flood control experts; and leaders of the architect and engineering community. The conference will also include presentations on the Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce findings from Hurricane Katrina and on the Netherlands flood control system. Federal, state, and local agencies will present on issues involving the Sacramento Valley, California Levee System, and federal programs. Concurrent education session topics include the delta, regulatory and environmental issues, technical issues, and living with levees.