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Explore How 3D Design Is Transforming the Transportation Industry in HDR’s Latest Experts Talk

Explore How 3D Design Is Transforming the Transportation Industry in HDR’s Latest Experts Talk

Digital cyberspace with particles and Digital data network connections concept.

OMAHA, Neb. — As 3D design tools continue to gain ground in transportation, they will impact state agencies, municipalities, contractors and many others. Contractual 3D deliverables go a step further, using 3D models as the binding legal deliverable for horizontal projects rather than traditional 2D plans.

HDR’s latest Experts Talk interview introduces Will Sharp, HDR’s highways director, and Connor Christian, transportation BIM program manager. The pair explain how this advancing technology is fundamentally changing the development of transportation projects.

“It’s not a question of whether 3D deliverables are coming. They’re already in use,” says Christian. “The question is, ‘When are clients and owners going to start getting value from them?’”

Connor Christian
Will Sharp

Connect with Christian and Sharp on LinkedIn, and learn more about our transportation technology expertise on HDR’s website.

HDR’s Experts Talk interview series shines a light on various aspects of transportation infrastructure design and delivery. Each subject matter expert offers unique expertise and insights about new and ongoing trends, emerging technologies and the human side of infrastructure.

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