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Expanding Ranks, Svigals + Partners Advances Design Leader of Interiors, and Welcomes New Team Members

Expanding Ranks, Svigals + Partners Advances Design Leader of Interiors, and Welcomes New Team Members

Award-winning firm names new Associate Principal, Katherine Berger, further identifying future firm leadership

NEW HAVEN, CONN.– Architecture, art, and advisory firm Svigals + Partners has announced the promotion of WELL-accredited interior designer, Katherine Berger, NCIDQ, to Associate Principal, along with the addition of four professionals in architectural design and firm operations.

A highly experienced designer, Berger was promoted to Director of Interior Design in July 2020 upon the retirement of Lynn Brotman, NCIDQ, IIDA, and has served as the lead interior designer and project manager for acclaimed works across several market sectors, including healthcare, education, and corporate workplace. Most recently, she led Svigals + Partners’ workplace efforts for Technolutions and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals at multiple locations on the east and west coasts. She has worked on numerous projects for Yale University, CCSU, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, and is currently working on the 160,000-square-foot future headquarters of Arvinas, Inc. at 101 College Street, New Haven.

Berger joins architect Ron Cooper, AIA, NCARB, CORA and architect and noted artist Marissa Mead, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP, as Associate Principal. “Associate Principals take the initiative to lead and develop vital strategies that support the firm’s mission, including input to executive decisions that affect the business,” says partner Chris Bockstael, AIA. “In addition to leading the interiors department with a spirited and sophisticated eye, Katherine is also critical on our Design Leadership team, a small group reevaluating our systems for ensuring our work meets a high standard of creativity and excellence. As well, she is a respected resource for mentorship and guidance of staff development with a real focus on the firm’s well-being.”
Svigals + Partners has also announced the addition of key positions within the firm as it meets new project commitments for a growing roster of clients. Four new team members have been welcomed to the firm including Architects John Schenck and Bryan Moore, Architectural Designer Eric Cantar, and Marketing Coordinator Alex Tow. Last year, Svigals + Partners also made news by naming architect Doug Lovegren, AIA, a partner with the firm.
“We’re proud to nurture and promote our talented architects and designers, as well as encourage their innovative and fresh approaches to longstanding challenges faced by our clients,” says Jay Brotman, AIA, managing partner of Svigals + Partners. “These professionals represent the strength of our future, and we are excited to see them grow as valued architecture and design leaders within the firm, in support of our clients, and in our communities at large.”

A recognized forerunner in such sectors as mixed-use residential, science and technology, educational, healthcare, workplace, and cultural and arts, Svigals + Partners is also known for its people-focused approach to community engagement as well as the integration of art into buildings and interior environments. The firm’s legacy of maintaining an exceptionally creative team of architects and designers is renowned far beyond the city of New Haven, Connecticut, where the firm is based, with impact gaining national and global attention over the years.

Svigals + Partners is especially well recognized for its unified, collaborative approach with colleagues, clients, and community members, fostering shared knowledge and problem-solving, greater creativity and innovation for award-winning environments. Each of those projects is designed as meaningful expressions of the client mission and stakeholder needs. Among the firm’s recent, award-winning projects are the acclaimed Beehive Bridge in New Britain and the University of New Haven’s Bergami Center for Science. Other landmark works include the New Haven Botanical Garden of Healing, the Yale Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine, and the Sandy Hook School.
About Katherine Berger, Associate Principal, Director of Interior Design

A graduate of the New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University in Boston, Katherine Berger, IIDA, NCIDQ, WELL AP, has a keen ability to see potential where others may not — resulting in client accolades for their reimagined spaces fostering well-being and productivity. Notable in all her projects is the integration of design, artwork, and space that has resulted in inviting and effective designs enhancing the experience of occupants and others.

“Katherine is an immense talent whose leadership, passionate commitment, and collaborative approach have inspired creativity and excellence in our team members,” says Christopher BockstaelAIA, a partner with Svigals + Partners. “The interiors studio couldn’t be in better hands. Her exceptional proficiency in design and ability to bring out people’s best attributes translates unique brands into engaging places that promote worker efficiency and well-being, strengthening relationships and thriving communities.”

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