Even though school may be out of session for the summer, the topic is still on the minds of many in the profession, including mine. I think that as an industry, we face real challenges about how to educate future civil engineers, including structural engineers. The following three recent headlines caught my attention and I wanted to point them out to you.

CE News recently polled educators and practitioners alike and asked direct questions about the readiness of new graduates. Read “/article/exploring-engineering-education” by Shanon Fauerbach, P.E., to learn how opinions differ between these groups and what your firm can do.

If you haven’t heard about the ACE Mentor Program, it is time you did. This innovative program’s mission is to engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in the integrated construction industry through mentoring and to support their continued advancement in the industry through scholarships and grants. With affiliates in most states across the country, the program is really making inroads to introduce the AEC professions to high school students and support their commitment to the industry. Read “ACE Mentor Program releases research results” for more data touting the success of the program.

Finally, a recent article published in the New York Times spotlights another program targeted at engineering education, this time for elementary students some as young as kindergarteners. Read “Curriculum exposes students to engineering concepts at young age” for an exciting peek at what one school in New Jersey is doing to interests students in engineering before they can even spell the word.