Enervator, a leader in the manufacturing industry, has developed Evo-Crete – an innovative ultra-lightweight, precast and fibre-reinforced alternative to traditional concrete sleepers or cable ladder blocks. Evo-Crete is providing enormous time, cost and WH&S benefits across the gas, mining, and renewable energy industries.

Evo-Crete products are up to three times lighter than standard concrete blocks, improving OH&S levels within large construction and industrial sites; making it a game-changing solution for gas, mining, and solar energy projects across Australia

“Our Evo-Crete products help project managers avoid the issues associated with traditional cement supports, including heavy manual labour for construction, the requirement of cranes and slings, and the potential for cracking. These issues can cause project timeline delays, increased costs and higher OH&S concerns for companies,” said Dan Heppell, Director at Enervator.

The Evo-Crete products offer a multitude of applications and custom sizing options, however are most commonly used as above-ground concrete sleepers to support cable ladder trays, due to their durability for all soil and weather conditions.

“Operators in the industrial and energy sectors are continually striving to improve productivity and lower operational costs throughout their projects, which is why using our Evo-Crete products, that are three times lighter than traditional blocks and delivered to sites ready to install, is such a game-changer,” said Heppell.

Enervator’s products have been utilised by industry giants such as QGC, Downer Group and more, on projects which include the Clare Solar Farm in Northern Queensland, and the WRP Mine Site in Ouyen, Victoria, where significant time and cost savings were achieved through the use of the innovative ultra-lightweight, fibre-reinforced, Evo-Crete products.

“We are also currently supplying MPC Kinetic and CS Energy with our Evo-Crete cable ladder blocks for use throughout the Kogan Creek Gas Field Services Project in the Surat Basin of Southern Queensland. We have a fantastic relationship with our mining sector clients who instantly see the quality and value in utilising our products,” said Heppell.

Enervator have been working in the industrial and manufacturing industry for over 30 years, solidifying their reputation for delivering high-quality products and services.

Evo-Crete products are available Australia-wide, with a primary focus on regional mining areas across Queensland.