Wading River, NY…

Evergreen Forest Products, Inc., a leading direct importer and supplier of premium, sustainable hardwoods, including environmentally-friendly marine lumber and dock piles, decking and shingles, was the supplier of Greenheart Wood for a major bulkhead restoration project led by Chesterfield Associates (Westhampton Beach, NY and Westport, ME), a marine construction and engineering firm. The project involved extensive bulkhead repair work to protect the pier which is used by The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Ferry Company.

Greenheart Wood, which Evergreen harvests from forests that are responsibly managed from an environmental, social and economic standpoint. The wood is pest and marine borer resistant and almost completely immune to rot. Additionally, it is highly resistant to fire as evidenced by its Class A Fire Rating.

Evergreen provided forty four 70-foot long Greenheart piles for the project which involved an expansion of the docking area for the ferry. As part of the project, sheet steel panels that comprise the bulkhead (i.e., retaining wall protecting the infrastructure below the pier) were replaced. The old sheet pilings were corroding losing their structural integrity. The renovation provided critical repairs and substantially strengthened the bulkhead infrastructure.

The entire project was valued at $10 million.

About Evergreen Forest Products, Inc.

Evergreen Forest Products, Inc. has been supplying building materials to municipalities, architects, engineers and builders for over two decades. After recognizing the problems created by pressure-treated lumber’s leaking of chemicals into oceans and waterways, and roof shingles creating runoff that was seeping into drinking water tables, Evergreen sought a better alternative in premium sustainable hardwoods. Since that time, the company has been a “go-to” resource for equally eco-conscious entities that recognize the importance in reducing their projects’ carbon footprints as an investment in protecting our environment and its natural resources. In addition to Ipe Wood, Evergreen provides Greenheart Wood, Wallaba Roof Shingles and other sustainable wood products. Many of the company’s products are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C117772) Certified. FSC® Certified woods are harvested from forests that are responsibly managed from an environmental, social and economic standpoint. For more information on Evergreen Forest Products, visit: www.evergreenforestproducts.net or call: 631-929-3197.