Evaluation and Modification of Open Web Steel Joists (Part I)

This is part one of a two-part series to discuss and demonstrate the methods to modify existing open web steel joists for revised loading conditions. This webinar parallels the Steel Joist Institute publication, Technical Digest No. 12 “Evaluation and Modification of Open Web Steel Joists and Joist Girders”.

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  • Identifies the key characteristics of in place joists.
  • Teaches you how to determine who the original manufacturer was and whether they can provide any additional documentation.
  • Shows you how to verify the original design loads and evaluate the joist for the new loads.
  • As part of the evaluation, procedures will be discussed to identify the joist components and connections that are inadequate.

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Take the Quiz

What information is on a joist tag?

Structural Drawings should always include the following?

A LH series joist can have web members consisting of the following:

Joist erection drawings will have the following?

Which is true about joist with a standard designation?

When considering a damaged joist:

A joist modification that affects the strength of a steel joist cannot be made without the approval of the following:

Bending in the top chord of a K-series joist must be considered:

Loads can be hung from the joist bottom chord under which of the following circumstances?

Web eccentricities do not need to be considered except:

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