RALEIGH, N.C. — According to a recent research study by FMI, leading design and construction firms consider an ethics program crucial to their long-term survival.Twenty CEOs, legal counsel and compliance officers spoke with FMI about their ethics programs, many reporting that both public and private owners are placing a greater emphasis on the reputation of a contractor today.

Supported by the Construction Industry Ethics and Compliance Initiative, and the Associated General Contractors of America, FMI research staff investigated the role that ethics play in today’s industry, and sought to stimulate interest in the topic. The resulting whitepaper, “Ethics programs: federal mandate, cultural opportunity” covers the following:

• Key motivations for implementing an ethics program
• Discussion of compliance with federal requirements
• The costs of unethical behavior
• Best practices for ethics programs and policies
• Recommendations on formalizing an ethics policy

“This isn’t just an issue of compliance,” said Andrew Patron, FMI senior consultant. “The industry is being incentivized to enrich its culture, to maximize operational efficiency and to develop the current generation into the ethical, informed leaders of tomorrow.”

The published article represents the first phase of an ongoing research study.

For more information about this report, please contact Sarah Vizard at (919) 785-9221 or svizard@fminet.com.