Electronic Transaction Consultants and partners WSP USA and TTEC will implement a new advanced customer service center and back-office system to replace the current Ohio River Bridges tolling system.

Richardson, Texas (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On July 1, 2021, the Indiana Finance Authority, on behalf of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Joint Board, signed a contract with Electronic Transaction Consultants, LLC (ETC) for the Ohio River Bridges’ (ORB) customer service centers (CSC) and back office system (BOS). The 10-year contract includes system design and implementation, seven years of toll service operations, and two optional three-year renewal periods.

ETC has partnered with WSP USA Services Inc. (WSP USA) and TTEC Holdings, Inc. (TTEC) on this project, with ETC providing the back office system, and WSP USA and TTEC collaboratively managing contact center interactions for ORB customers. This strategic partnership pairs ETC’s best-in-class technology solutions with the country’s leading providers of services for highway customer service centers and back office operations.

ETC’s solution is designed to maximize self-service and customer service representative (CSR) productivity, reduce turnaround times, and place direct configuration and process control into ORB personnel’s hands. The new system will streamline billing, improve ease of website and mobile self-service, and facilitate speedy question and issue resolution for ORB’s 275,000 registered customers and visitors.

Project scope includes:

  • riteHorizon™ back office system – ETC’s vertical ERP for all aspects of tolling management, including account management, reconciliation and treasury, with advanced CRM, online customer service center, IVR interface, reporting, customer configuration tools, and an intuitive social media-like CSR interface.
  • riteOnline™ customer self-service system – A complete multiplatform customer self-service platform, with account maintenance, chat, social media and digital assistant integration.
  • riteView™ reporting – An interactive and customizable suite of Big Data analytics, reporting, and dashboard tools.
  • riteOSS™ system monitoring and operational reporting – ETC’s upgraded Maintenance Online Management Systems (MOMS), with advanced functionality, such as smart KPIs and trending for predictive maintenance.
  • Customer service center operations with unified omnichannel communication tools.

The project will provide employment to local customer service teams at a centralized call center and a walkup service counter in both Kentucky and Indiana. WSP USA will provide support and management of the service operations, and TTEC will support walkup center operations, omnichannel communications, and workforce management systems, drawing on experience as trusted leaders of operations for toll facilities across the United States.

“ETC is thrilled to be partnering with ORB,” stated ETC Chief Executive Officer Bret Kidd. “ETC’s industry-leading back office, account management and financial processing solutions, combined with the contact center strengths of our partners WSP USA and TTEC, will ensure that ORB and the citizens of Indiana and Kentucky receive the most advanced systems in the industry and the highest quality of customer service.”

This systems and operations upgrade will enhance ORB’s customer service support by offering an advanced and efficient CSC and BOS for the patrons and create rewarding local jobs.