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Esticom® Takeoff and Estimating Cloud Software Now Integrates with Foundation Construction Accounting Software

Esticom® Takeoff and Estimating Cloud Software Now Integrates with  Foundation Construction Accounting Software

Esticom’s integration with Foundation Software increases efficiency of construction operations by automating the transfer of estimating data into accounting and project management workflows.

Austin, Texas – Esticom cloud-based takeoff and estimating software announces its latest integration with Foundation Software, a premiere online construction accounting and project management software provider. The partnership simplifies the exchange of job costing data between estimating, accounting, and project management, providing an efficient, end-to-end solution for managing the construction process from project bidding through construction.

An easy-to-use SaaS tool that incorporates modules for bid management, takeoff, and estimating, Esticom serves mid- to large-size specialty and general contractors. Accessed from the cloud, the user-friendly takeoff and estimating application allows real-time access to estimate construction projects.

Working in tandem with Foundation Software’s feature-rich solution for managing construction accounting and projects, the Esticom integration allows mutual subscribers to conduct digital takeoff and estimating and import the results directly into Foundation. In addition to supporting the preconstruction and bidding process, the new Esticom integration saves time and ensures accuracy by eliminating duplicate data entry when transferring information between two disparate systems during the estimating and construction processes.

“We here at Foundation Software are extremely excited to have an integration with Esticom. The MEP and low voltage space is definitely a specialty for us, so I have no doubt that this integration and relationship will provide an enormous benefit to our customers,” said Steve Antill, VP of Business Development, Foundation Software.

Exchanging information between the two platforms is easy and seamless. Estimating data is exported from Esticom with a single action, for direct import into the Foundation platform.

“With remote work becoming increasingly important, it’s even more crucial than before to offer software solutions for construction industry professionals that talk to one another,” says Esticom Head Estimator Chris Lee. “Our integration with Foundation Software will ensure estimators are always in sync with accounting and project management teams, ensuring accuracy in job costing and streamlining the entire construction process.”