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ES Consultants and Globex Engineering join SCS Engineers

LONG BEACH, CALIF. — Globex Engineering & Development Inc. and ES Consultants both became a part of SCS Engineers and now operate under new names, SCS Globex Engineering and SCS ES Consultants, respectively. Coconut Creek, Fla.-based Globex has been an environmental/civil engineering company that provides planning, design, permitting, consulting, and construction management services throughout the United States, primarily in the Southeast. Prior to joining SCS Engineers, ES Consultants was a Miami-based engineering services company with other offices in West Palm Beach and Pensacola, Fla., serving clients primarily in Florida.

The senior professionals of Globex have extensive experience in the areas of environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, hydrology, and hydrogeology. Since its inception in 1997, Globex professionals have established a reputation of excellence by providing environmental and landfill engineering services to several Fortune 500 waste handling companies.

SCS Globex Engineering will continue to focus primarily on the following subjects:
• Landfill Engineering
• Hydrogeologic Studies
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Remediation
• Brownfields Redevelopment Compliance
• Water Resources
• Wastewater Systems
• Waste Management
• Landfill Gas
• Construction Management and Monitoring

ES Consultants was most widely recognized for its excellence in combining their staff’s environmental and civil engineering expertise to deliver “out of the box” cost-effective solutions for client developments on contaminated properties, including former solid waste landfills, government facilities, and public recreation areas. Eduardo Smith, P.E., founded ES Consultants in 2001.

As SCS’s new South Florida presence, SCS ES Consultants will focus primarily on:
• Hazardous materials assessment and remediation
• Environmental compliance audits
• Civil engineering, site development design
• Storm water management
• Solid waste engineering and materials re-use
• Construction services