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Eric Venable Joins HDR as Federal Transportation Director

Eric Venable Joins HDR as Federal Transportation Director

OMAHA, Neb. — Eric Venable recently joined HDR as the new federal transportation director.

Working closely with leaders of other HDR practices that provide services to the U.S. federal government, Venable will lead business and staff development for transportation. He will collaborate frequently with diverse HDR experts to maximize opportunities in transportation technology and equitable transit-oriented development, among other fields.

HDR has a long history of providing key transportation expertise to the federal government, whether federal highways, coastal ports, defense installations or more.

“Developing infrastructure to support the livelihood, lifestyle and safety of our national community is of ever-increasing importance as our population continues to grow,” Venable said. “As an industry, we must be proactive in promoting the planning, funding and delivery of transportation-related projects that most responsibly use federal tax dollars.”

Venable brings more than 25 years of experience in operations, finance, strategic marketing, business expansion, client and subcontractor relations, and contract negotiations for federal, public, and private maritime and industrial clients. He most recently served as the director of ports and maritime for another firm, where he managed and enhanced a multimillion-dollar national practice serving private industrial shipyards, federal Navy facilities and regional ports authorities.

“Amidst new guidance at the federal level combined with changing client and community needs, Eric will use his proven, adaptive leadership to develop tailored solutions,” said HDR Transportation Business Development Director Rick Pilgrim. “He will provide holistic, full life cycle guidance from planning and funding to procurement, design and maintenance to streamline the delivery and resiliency of federal transportation-related projects.”