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ERI and Stantec selected to inspect 6,000 bridges in Saudi Arabia

ERI and Stantec selected to inspect 6,000 bridges in Saudi Arabia

Edmonton, AB — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Transport awarded Stantec and partner Engineering and Research International (ERI) the inspection and evaluation of all 6,000 bridges and structures for their national highway system. As a sub-consultant to local firm ERI, Stantec’s role is to provide bridge inspection training and quality assurance for the bridge inspections.

The Ministry of Transport is adopting Stantec’s Bridge Management System (BMS), an engineering asset management software system designed to manage bridge structures and aid in maintenance prioritization. The inspection work is to be completed over three years, while the BMS project is to be completed in the first year.

Project lead Dr. Reed Ellis, Stantec bridge sector leader says, “We will be developing deterioration and cost models for the 6,000 structures in the country’s 13 regions to help the Ministry of Transport determine bridge maintenance requirements, priorities, and budgets for all structures. It’s an exciting challenge.”

Stantec’s BMS has the capacity to analyze bridge inventory and inspection data, condition ratings, deterioration rates, load ratings, and structural and functional appraisals. Beyond just an inventory or inspection tool, this advanced bridge management systems allows clients to analyze individual bridge elements, entire bridges, or bridge networks to proactively manage their inventory. This systematic approach allows for optimal allocation of financial resources and increased safety for bridge users.

Diligent inspection programs and strategic maintenance plans, like this one, are a smart approach to help extend a bridge’s lifespan. The Ministry of Transport will be able to use this system to perform the right activity, to the right bridge, at the right time, and at the right cost. Dr. Khaled Helali, Stantec transportation sector leader for the Middle East says, “Stantec is very excited to have been awarded this project, currently the largest transportation project we’ve been contracted to perform in the Middle East region.”

Stantec’s team in the Middle East is comprised of offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, and Doha, Qatar. Their teams provide a variety of services, including architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. Infrastructure services include transportation, water and wastewater, structural, mechanical/electrical and plumbing.