Washington, D.C. — On Oct. 8, EPA's Green Infrastructure Program and the White House Council on Environmental Quality launched a broad collaborative of external stakeholders to advance green infrastructure implementation. The Green Infrastructure Collaborative will leverage efforts from the federal family, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and academia to advance green infrastructure as a means of supporting water quality and community development goals.

As part of the announcement, EPA released a statement of support outlining specific commitments from Collaborative members to advance cooperation and coordination around green infrastructure initiatives.

The Collaborative will build capacity for green infrastructure by providing a platform for national stakeholders to:

  1. Leverage joint efforts to promote the multiple community benefits of green infrastructure;
  2. Share and build knowledge around emerging green infrastructure technologies and policy issues; and
  3. Facilitate shared inquiry into the best ways to encourage adoption of green infrastructure technologies at the local level.

The Collaborative will build on the Green Infrastructure Partnership launched in 2007 by EPA and its founding partner organizations.

More information on the Collaborative is available at https://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/greeninfrastructure/gi_partners.cfm