Washington, D.C. — The Portland Cement Association (PCA) welcomed U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who outlined his vision for the EPA and addressed regulatory issues of concern to America’s cement manufacturing industry. Speaking at the PCA Spring Board of Directors meeting, Pruitt expressed optimism and his vision of a new style of leadership at EPA.

“This is an exciting time to be serving as EPA Administrator,” Pruitt said as he discussed his leadership at the agency.  He laid out three core principles that will guide the Agency’s efforts to focus on its mission to protect public health and the environment:

  • restoring a respect for the rule of law,
  • ending regulation through litigation, and
  • establishing cooperative federalism, which will restore consistency in permitting and give companies more certainty for their business.

“If we do these three things, we will have better outcomes, less litigation and ultimately a better environment,” Pruitt said.

“We were honored to hear the administrator shares our view that regulations are best driven by the law as Congress intended, as well as input from all relevant stakeholders, including the agency, public and private industry,” said PCA President and CEO James G. Toscas.  “Cement is the core ingredient in concrete, which provides the foundation for our economy and the infrastructure revival our country so desperately needs.  We are pleased Mr. Pruitt is at the helm of EPA to restore balance to regulations that protect people and the environment while enabling economic growth.”