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Entire construction department and spray paint facility being auctioned online

Entire construction department and spray paint facility being auctioned online

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV is restructuring its business and offering part of its inventory for sale, including CNC machines, welding tools and a spray paint facility. The inventory of the factories in Oosterhout and Amsterdam is being auctioned online through the Troostwijk Auctions platform. This is the company’s second auction, the construction department in Amsterdam having been successfully auctioned earlier. The auction is currently open for bids The auction closes at 2:00 p.m. on Monday 11 October 2021.

Hitachi is a renowned brand in the manufacture of construction equipment and excavators of all sizes. Hitachi builds these machines in the Netherlands to this day. The construction activities of both Amsterdam and Oosterhout are, however, now being carried out elsewhere. The company is focusing entirely on the assembly of custom-built machinery. The factory in Oosterhout has been closed down.

For this reason, the machine inventory of the construction departments is being auctioned online through Troostwijk Auctions. The auction includes a double ZAYER CNC machine tool, a MITSUBITHI CNC boring machine, a TOSHIBA BP-130R22 boring machine, SILVESTRINI welding manipulators, MECOME welding manipulators, PANASONIC welding robot installation, ELPO paint spray booths, a floor chain conveyor, lifting portals, assembly tables, compressors, roller conveyors and tools.

Ultramodern spray paint facility

The Hitachi location in Oosterhout – where the mini diggers and other machines are manufactured – will be completely closed down. This also means that the state-of-the-art spray paint facility/lacquering line, used to apply the signature black and orange Hitachi colours, will be sold. The spray shop opened in 2012 and was expanded until 2019 with the latest equipment to ensure the most automated process possible.

The paint shop is now for sale through a private sale process. The buyer has the option of entering into a lease or purchase contract to take over the facility (including the building) on the site. It stands on a plot of 2102 m2. The paint shop is in a building of 1300 m2.

Here you can view the spray paint shop for Hitachi Construction Machinery in Oosterhout, now for sale through a private sale process.

“Huge opportunity”

According to the auctioneer, this auction of the entire Hitachi inventory and spray paint facility provides an excellent opportunity for construction companies and businesses that may wish to set up their own paint department. “These unique machines for processing heavy materials can be reused by numerous construction companies. The sale of the lacquering line is also a unique opportunity to take over a paint shop – including all permits on location.”

About the auction

Bids can be placed on the lots until Monday 11 October 2021. The online auction closes at 2:00 p.m. Viewing of lots is by appointment only on Monday 8 October 2021. Register before 5 October 2021 by emailing: aanmelden@troostwijkauctions.com. Viewing day location: Florijnstraat 7, 4903 RM in Oosterhout (The Netherlands).

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The private sale process of the spray paint shop in Oosterhout will run until 1 October 2021.

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