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Enhance Your View and Curb Appeal with Distinctive Westbury® VertiCable™ Aluminum Railing

Enhance Your View and Curb Appeal with Distinctive Westbury® VertiCable™ Aluminum Railing

Bremen, IN. | DSI, Inc., the leading supplier of aluminum railing in North America, is experiencing rapid sales growth of the company’s VertiCable railing system. Westbury aluminum railing makes any deck or porch beautiful, and it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Featuring thin vertical stainless-steel cables rather than larger bulky infills, VertiCable railing is stylishly designed to provide unobstructed clear views from any deck or porch making it ideal for residential and multi-family installations.

Westbury ®VertiCable aluminum cable railing makes any decking and railing system unique and beautiful with a lifetime of durability and low maintenance. Featuring architecturally designed thin vertical stainless-steel cables in place of bulky infills, Westbury® VertiCable aluminum railing is designed to provide clear views from any deck or porch. Westbury VertiCable cable railing is available in 12 standard colors enhanced by available textures. Custom colors are available by special order.

Aluminum railing compliments a variety of decking materials including wood, composites and PVC decking and is becoming the number one railing choice of homeowners for deck and porch applications. In addition to offering low maintenance performance, Westbury VertiCable railing is engineered to provide safety and strength.

Larry G. Boyts, DSI’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated that “Westbury Verticable railing leads the way as a premier railing system offering aesthetic and performance advantages unmatched by competitors’ products.” Information about Westbury VertiCable and other DSI products can be obtained by visiting www.diggerspecialties.com