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EMPEQ partners with City of Ithaca, NY to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030

EMPEQ partners with City of Ithaca, NY to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030

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As part of the city’s Green New Deal initiative, EMPEQ’s Fast Site SurveyTM app will play a key role in meeting building emissions goals and provide the backbone for Ithaca’s sustainable future. 

ITHACA, N.Y. – EMPEQ, a software development and financial technology company serving the commercial HVAC, energy engineering, and building equipment industries, announces  it is partnering with the City of Ithaca, NY in the city’s effort to become the first carbon-neutral city in the US. Under its Green New Deal initiative, Ithaca will leverage EMPEQ’s first-of-its-kind Fast Site Survey™ app to achieve carbon neutrality community wide and reduce building C02 emissions by 40% by 2030.

Through the partnership, Ithaca will use EMPEQ’s innovative technology to achieve key goals, including:

  • Developing a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory, as well as a city-wide energy and transportation assets, services and infrastructure inventory.
  • Requiring all new buildings and major renovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% starting in 2023.
  • Requiring net-zero construction by 2026.
  • Maximizing energy efficiency through programs targeting energy use reduction in buildings, industrial processes and transportation.

EMPEQ’s Fast Site Survey app will provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to Ithaca’s building owners, energy engineers, and construction industry in meeting these goals. The Fast Site Survey app is the only data capture and reporting app streamlining commercial building equipment audits, cutting time needed for equipment site surveys and reporting by up to 80%. The app significantly increases the efficiency, accessibility, and affordability of critical energy equipment audits as cities like Ithaca seek sustainable energy solutions and climate justice.

“In November of last year, the City of Ithaca pledged to decarbonize its entire building stock before 2030. As we embark on this unprecedented challenge, we do so knowing that we can rely on industry partners like EMPEQ, who for many years have supported the City’s decarbonization strategy,” said Luis Aguirre-Torres, Director of Sustainability for the City of Ithaca. “Today, by leveraging EMPEQ’s commitment, expertise and Fast Site Survey app, we believe the City is in a position to ramp up its efforts to transform its economy and become one of the first net-zero cities in America.”

With this initiative, Ithaca and EMPEQ will strive to set the standard for decarbonization goals in every major metropolitan center in the US and provide achievable energy efficiency solutions for building owners around the world.

“The City of Ithaca is proud to partner with Ithaca-based organizations to advance the goals of the Ithaca Green New Deal. EMPEQ is a company that shares our commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated through their support during the City’s municipal greenhouse gas inventory, which thanks to the use of their technology, we were able to complete in record time. We look forward to strengthening our partnership as we move on towards the implementation of other aspects of the Green New Deal,” said Acting Mayor Laura Lewis.

“Nearly half of global greenhouse gas emissions come from heating, cooling, and running the world’s buildings,” said Herbert Dwyer, CEO of EMPEQ. “Many times, the problem is that building owners don’t even know what equipment they until it breaks. Historically, the cost associated with collecting this data is expensive and time consuming. However, Fast Site Survey changes that paradigm and this is being illustrated on a daily basis by our partnership with the City of Ithaca. We are excited and proud to support the city and this ambitious program with our technology.”

To learn more about Ithaca’s Green New Deal, click here. For more information about EMPEQ or its Fast Site Survey app, visit: fastsitesurvey.com.