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EMPEQ Announces Relationship with RETScreen to Increase Speed and Accuracy of Energy Audits by 80% for Users

EMPEQ Announces Relationship with RETScreen to Increase Speed and Accuracy of Energy Audits by 80% for Users

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EMPEQ is developing the integration of their Fast Site Survey™ application with RETScreen’s revolutionary energy modeling software; increasing the accuracy of data capture while greatly reducing the time to conduct energy audits. 

ITHACA, NY – EMPEQ, a software development and financial technology company serving the commercial HVAC, energy engineering, and building equipment industries, announces its streamlined equipment data capture software, Fast Site Survey™, will integrate with RETScreen® Clean Energy Management Software, one of the world’s largest energy modeling platforms. Once implemented, RETScreen users will be equipped with instantaneous equipment data capture and flexible reporting that streamlines the energy equipment data capture process by up to 80%.

RETScreen’s comprehensive software is used by over 750,000 energy industry professionals to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, factories, and power plants worldwide. Energy audits performed through RETScreen and Fast Site Survey are the first step in reducing the carbon footprint and energy costs of commercial buildings, but are often too time-consuming and costly to complete. With the integration, energy professionals can reduce a six-month audit down to two while reducing the costs to capture data by 50 to 80%.


“Our world needs more clean energy. RETScreen reduces the cost of getting real, viable energy projects on the ground, and helps ensure that investments continue to perform as expected over the long term. Developed by the Government of Canada, RETScreen is used by the public and private sectors to help analyze, plan, implement and monitor energy projects,” according to RETScreen.

Fast Site Survey is a game-changing tool that enables energy engineers, asset managers, and commercial contractors to capture atomic-level data and perform site surveys, more safely, more accurately, and in a fraction of the time compared to current methods.​ It is the first to eliminate inaccurate equipment data caused by manual data entry; feature automatic geotagging with built-in GPS tracking that organizes photos based on location and project; and configure critical data into instantaneous and automated reporting. Engineers will now be able to take advantage of RETScreen analytics with truly accurate data capture and streamlined energy audit support from Fast Site Survey.

“The integration of our Fast Site Survey app with RETScreen’s powerful software is the first step towards simplifying energy audits and commercial energy efficiency projects across the globe,” said Herbert Dwyer, CEO of EMPEQ. “With our software powering data capture for RETScreen, we hope to streamline audits, increase accuracy of energy models, and facilitate critical energy upgrades, at a fraction of the cost, that will provide a clear path to a cleaner, better future.”

For more information on Fast Site Survey, visit fastsitesurvey.com.

For more information on how to be one of the first users of the integration of RETScreen and Fast Site Survey™, please send an email to herbert.dwyer@empeq.co