IRVING, Texas – Two guides detailing the steps for electrofusing joints and couplings for a HDPE pipelines are available for free at the Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc.’s (PPI) website.  Published by the Municipal Advisory Board – MAB, the two documents are:  MAB Generic Electrofusion Procedure for Field Joining of 12 Inch and Small Polyethylene (PE) Pipe (MAB-01-2017) and MAB Generic Electrofusion Procedure for Field Joining of 14 inch to 30 Inch Polyethylene (PE) Pipe (MAB-02-2017).  MAB serves as an independent, non-commercial adviser to the Municipal & Industrial Division of PPI, the major North American trade association representing all segments of the plastic pipe industry 

Both documents provide the proper procedures, equipment, installers’ training, testing, inspection and qualification for electrofusing HDPE pipe.  Those who are trained and qualified in accordance with these MAB documents demonstrate that they also have the knowledge and understanding of the general procedures and techniques of ASTM F1290.  

The direct link to download MAB-01-2017 is while the link for MAB-02-2017 is

“These MAB publications are extremely important for the owners and installers,” stated Camille George Rubeiz, P.E., F. ASCE, co-chair, Municipal Advisory Board and senior director of engineering, Municipal and Industrial Division of PPI.  “The sections on pipe preparation while simple are among the most important steps to follow when electrofusing pipe sections with coupling or adding a tapping tee, service saddle, branch saddle, flex restraint or other fitting.  The HDPE fused joints create leak-free, self-restraint, monolithic piping systems.  Also, the fused joints will eliminate infiltration into the pipe as well as exfiltration into the environment.”

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