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Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ Delivering Commercial Hot Water Solutions

Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ Delivering Commercial Hot Water Solutions

Waterbury, Connecticut (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ is ideal for diverse commercial applications that require reliable hot water such as restaurants and hospitality, sport venues, and industrial food service operations. ProSeries XTP™ generates water temperatures up to 180° Fahrenheit and specified flow rates from 0.5 to 20 gallons per minute meeting the needs of both front and back of the house operations. The product family features 10 models in either 3 or 6 heating chamber configurations, and Eemax® patented Adaptive Stability Technology™ (AST) to assess the heater conditions and shift the unit operation to ensure a consistent and reliable output.

AST monitors and assesses set temperature, flow rate, inlet and outlet water temperatures and shifts heater performance to ensure consistent and reliable output. AST allows for faster time-to-temperature – simultaneously minimizing overshoot and undershoot (+/- 1°F of the set temperature under steady state flow). Three exclusive technological functions are utilized by ProSeries XTP™ AST: AST Flex Power™, AST Dynamic™ Power and AST Smart Calibration™.

“No matter the application, when sized properly, ProSeries XTP™ with AST technology provides consistent safe and reliable performance that is required in the fast paced, technology driven world we live in meeting the needs of engineers, contractors and owners,” stated Chris Anderson, Eemax Regional Sales Manager.

Ready to install right out of the box, ProSeries XTP™ is compact in size, can be mounted on a wall in small spaces such as a closet, freeing up premium kitchen floor space. ProSeries XTP™ is easily mounted utilizing the provided wall mounting bracket and template. A single person can position, mount, and lock the heater into place while the inlet and outlet water fittings (3/4” NPT) suit common plumbing connections of a single or cold or hot water line. Since the electric water heater does not require venting, there is no need for wall vent penetrations saving installation time and wall space.

ProSeries XTP™ is built to last with corrosion and rust minimizing powder coated galvanized steel, stainless steel heating chambers and copper sheathed heating elements. The exterior cover is IP25-rated and prevents water leakage within the system (safe drainage and minimal corrosion).

Real World Examples of ProSeries XTP™ Commercial Hot Water Solutions

Space Saving: Restaurants and Hospitality

Two ProSeries XTP™ units were recently installed in a 65 person capacity restaurant located in New England to meet the demand of the back of room functions including a three bay sink and dishwasher pre-rinse. The compact size (18.5”x20.5”x5.8”) of ProSeries XTP™ was ideal for the smaller footprint of the restaurant without sacrificing flow rate, temperature demands or valuable floor space.

Sustainability: Sport Venues

Twenty-five ProSeries XTP™ units were a part of an Ivy League’s renovation to their sports venue hosting both soccer and lacrosse. Mulitple ProSeries XTP™ units provide continuous hot water to the venue’s locker rooms and janitorial services. ProSeries XTP™ non-venting and efficiency were a perfect fit for the university’s ongoing sustainability objectives while providing the hot water needed for the building.

Temperature Control: Industrial Food Service Operations

An industrial food preparation facility located in the Southeast installed four ProSeries XTP™ units and a custom controller to deliver hot water for thawing processes. This new system generates 30 gallons per minute of water at 80°F for 15 hours a day, safely reducing food defrost times. ProSeries XTP™ was selected for its superior temperature controls while providing consistent water temperatures compared to traditional boiler systems.

“ProSeries XTP™ is a workhorse in our lineup of tankless electric water heaters. Its robust design allows us to use it in a variety of applications such as recirculation loops and can be integrated as a booster to a tank system. ProSeries XTP™ is constructed of the highest quality components and materials meeting the physical demands of extended run times.  ProSeries XTP™ is a game changer on how you can use tankless electric water heaters”, stated Bill Dahlen, Eemax® Inc Sr Director of Sales.

Eemax® ProSeries XTP™ tankless electric water heater is evolving the way businesses think about hot water across a multitude of commercial applications. ProSeries XTP’s™ small size, output, temperature control, multiple models and possible custom configurations, exceed the toughest commercial hot water needs with endless, dependable hot water.