Port Huron, Mich. — Environmental Enginuity Group (EEG) completed the final design of its long-planned Environmental Service Provider program, which allows companies that wish to be considered for entry into the EEG Collective of Service providers but do not care to sell their company to EEG. Until now, only companies that were acquired were considered for inclusion in the organization.

Since EEG began investigating companies that it considered to meet its criteria for acquisition, many companies have asked to be part of it, but they were not interested in selling their company at this time. Judging from the comments, most see inclusion as a platform for steady growth and expansion of their services across the continent. They want to grow and work with a larger group for the larger, longer term projects. EEG listened and began over a year ago putting together the details of such a program that would allow Membership by Contract rather than by acquisition.

The new Collective of Environmental Service Providers (CESP) program is one whereby the company that meets EEG’s quality, service and geographic criteria, may apply to provide its services to the Collective as well as an increasing number of new clients in their region, as well as for larger multi regional projects working with other members of the Collective. The benefits to the Member are identical as those for the acquired companies. Those include participation in the EEG Resource Sharing System, sharing of offices with other members, ability to contract for all the collective services to it current and new clients, volume discounts for insurance, employee benefits and other fixed cost items and sophisticated Marketing and Public Relations promoting the client in EEG's numerous marketing avenues. As the EEG Collective grows with new phases of both acquisitions as well as contract members, the members have a virtual one stop shop of services to offer and from many locations across North America.

According to David Kimbrell, EEG’s CEO, "We initially planned to build the Collective solely by company acquisitions. However, over the last two years we have encountered many companies that would be an ideal participant to cover either a special service or a particular location as a member, but they had no interest in selling their company. So, we developed this program whereby that company can contract with us for the same services and benefits so long as they abide by our operational requirements and cover their share of the expenses of the program. Since announcing the program a few days ago, we have already begun receiving applications from very solid companies.”

Environmental Enginuity is a collective of environmental (and related) service providers across the US and Canada. After almost two years of design and organization, EEG has begun operations with its first phase of company acquisitions and contracted members located primarily in the western US. The EEG model, which is unique in the industry, is an extension of the founder's similar collectives built during the last 30 years. Rather than building one large, multi-layered company, with the associated inefficiency and high costs, EEG acquires or contracts with smaller, local/regional firms that meet its exact standards of age, quality and professional credentials. And with a proprietary internal system of resource sharing and internal training, EEG is able to provide the entire spectrum of environmental services of the entire organization to the clients locally. With a local office coordinating the project, the client works with professionals they have known and are used to, but get the services that they could only obtain by hiring several service providers in the past. The efficiency of having most if not all of the project done by one organization with one agreement, one local management team and standardized pricing and execution, translates into project efficiency and cost savings for the client and growth for the service provider.