Economic Floor Systems with Composite Steel Joists – WEBINAR

Composite steel construction has been recognized for a number of years as one of the most economical systems for constructing building floors. This webinar will focus on information contained within SJI’s “2nd Edition CJ-Series Composite Joists,” which includes the standard specifications, weight tables, bridging tables and code of standard practice; share how one can utilize SJI’s Floor Bay Tool for estimating the cost of CJ-Series joists; and describe recent projects where CJ-Series composite joists have been utilized.

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  • Potential benefits of using SJI’s CJ-Series composite joists.
  • Computational aspects of composite steel joist behavior per SJI’s new 2nd Edition CJ-Series Specifications.
  • Guidelines for installing welded shear studs onto the chords of CJ-Series joists and serviceability considerations.
  • How to efficiently utilize SJI’s Composite Steel Joist Catalog.
  • Preliminary estimating of CJ-Series costs utilizing SJI’s new Floor Bay Analysis Tool.
  • Typical projects for CJ-Series composite joists.

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CJ-Series joists utilize shear studs welded through the steel deck to the underlying steel joist.

Which of the following is an advantage of CJ-Series composite steel joists?

Which of the following is used to fully develop the bottom chord yield strength in a composite steel joist design?

The design flexural strength of the composite section shall be computed from which of the following limit states?

The top chord area of a composite steel joist is approximately _______ of the bottom chord area.

What is the minimum top chord leg thickness for a .5 in. shear stud diameter?

Normal shop practice is to provide composite joists painted.

What is the minimum transverse shear stud spacing when placed side by side?

Who is responsible for the design of non-composite or composite slab design?

In the CJ joist series designation 30CJ2296\1168\444, what does the number 1168 represent?