SACRAMENTO, CALIF. — ECO:LOGIC Engineering launched an online clearinghouse that will help public agencies save money when purchasing equipment and supplies. The Corp Yard ( gives municipalities a place to barter, buy, and sell items such as fiberglass tanks, wastewater treatment filters, and equipment from a variety of public entities and for nearly any type of public works project.

“This isn’t the type of equipment you see on eBay or Craig’s List,” said Dave Bennett, president of ECO:LOGIC. “Most of this equipment would probably go unused and stay in a municipal corp yard until it is finally scrapped. The Corp Yard gives local governments an easy way to save money by buying and selling well-functioning equipment that would otherwise go unused.”

The site is the brainchild of ECO:LOGIC’s staff who provide engineering, environmental, and utility management services to water and wastewater agencies around the Western United States. “We visit a lot of agencies and see very clearly how one agency’s trash could be another’s treasure,” said Bennett.

The Corp Yard is not limited to equipment from water and wastewater treatment facilities. Any public agency including transportation departments, solid waste processors, parks and recreation departments, and others can list their used equipment. Searching the database and listing products is free and any agency wishing to sell something can quickly upload photos and specs.

Users may register for an account that allows access to uploading images and descriptions, tracking the number of page views, and a simple management console. Sales are completed offline directly between the buyer and seller. For more information, visit