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Ecobot Integrates Mitigation Banking Data to Enhance Platform

Ecobot Integrates Mitigation Banking Data to Enhance Platform

Ecobot, the construction software company driving the digitization of preconstruction environmental permitting, today announced the integration of mitigation banking data as part of a recent platform enhancement. This innovation advances Ecobot’s broader mission to streamline environmental and construction processes while leveraging field data to help build a more climate-resilient future.

Ecobot customers can now view mitigation banks by list or interactive map, along with their approval status, type, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) district. Ecobot automatically generates a list of banks nearby each project area, as well as a downloadable vegetation species list.

In a review of U.S. Army Corps Data, the National Environmental Banking Association (NEBA) states that the “use of credits from a mitigation bank may cut permitting timelines by as much as 50%.” Ecobot’s new functionality further augments the ability of customers to speed construction starts while building a robust, data-driven picture of the natural environment.

“Mitigation banking is becoming an increasingly large part of the development process,” says Lee Lance, Ecobot co-founder and CEO. “Contextualizing publicly-available mitigation banking data directly into our platform at the project level further improves our customers’ ability to swiftly deliver quality work to their clients. This is just the first of many expansions to come.” According to Ecosystem Marketplace, the compensatory mitigation marketplace is valued at over $100 billion.

“Compensatory mitigation is a first stepping stone to connecting natural and built systems, putting money value to ecosystem services,” says Tara Allden, Senior Practice Builder at Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and Ecobot advisor. “We can’t change what we don’t understand. So long as those systems are kept separate, the opportunity to understand and change won’t be fully available.”

Also included in this update:

  • Automatic population of location data based on GPS coordinates
  • CSV import for project setup and sample point creation
  • Ability to set defaults for project creation
  • Bulk editing capabilities for modifying fields across multiple sampling points simultaneously
  • Ability to assign project status and notes for easy collaboration
  • Improved usability and project management-related enhancements

The latest version of Ecobot is now available for customers who can sign up for a training session. If you’d like to learn more about this new functionality, schedule a demo of Ecobot.

About Ecobot:

Ecobot is a cloud-based platform that enables customers in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to speed construction starts by optimizing mandatory environmental permitting. Ecobot enables its customers to leverage field data collected during permitting into massive improvements throughout the construction lifecycle. See how Ecobot can transform your pre-construction permitting workflow at ecobot.com.