VISTA, Calif. – Eco Building Products, Inc., announced that the Company, through its web-based educational platform, has joined forces with AIA accredited online continuing education provider AEC Daily in association with the Institute of Defensive Building Practices (IDBP).

The Institute of Defensive Building Practices (IDBP) was created by the President of ECOB to teach Contractors how to raise the bar on U.S. building standards set by the Uniformed Building Code (UBC). IDBP will soon offer courses founded on teaching contractors how to exceed U.S. code minimums established in the housing boom, and driven by the National Home Builders and Supply Chain; both of which are in need of updating. In addition to exceeding the established code minimums, this certification program is certain to help protect consumers and provide a specialization for already licensed professionals involved in residential construction. This program will accomplish this by enhancing the already licensed General Contractor’s knowledge-base by providing them with the latest and most up-to-date accredited third-party certifications; with a focus on teaching how to build with ‘Safety first’ as a goal, ‘Defensively’ against ever occurring natural disasters, and most importantly in a sustainable ‘Cost-effective’ manner.

AEC Daily provides twenty-four hour access to building product technical information, industry news, educational opportunities, discussion forums and much more. There exists a goal to provide Eco with marketing tools that will deliver the best return on investment using the IDBP combined with AEC Daily’s products and services targeted primarily at the millions of architects, specifiers, engineers, interior designers, and construction professionals around the world. AEC Daily has the ability to convert individual organization’s classes into continuing education programs that interface with IDBP’s distance-learning platform. When coupled together, this program will certify Contractors as DEFENSIVE. More information on AEC Daily can be found at

Representative of the pull-through created by the Institute of Defensive Building Practices, a truckload of Eco’s Red Shield lumber has been ordered by former FDNY Lieutenant John Nolan turned General Contractor for use in the Sandy Rebuild. John Nolan is rallying NY firefighters to show up in support of this product to be used as the product for the rebuild. John Nolan flew to California to meet with Eco at the Fire Training Center in Oceanside, Ca. because he wanted to test it and see it with his own eyes. "The use of technically advanced building materials such as this fire & mold-resistant lumber represents the only safe way to rebuild after Sandy," says John Nolan. It’s cost-effective and now showing up in the local supply chain just in time for this rebuild. As demonstrated during the height of the 2012 Super Storm Sandy, one-hundred thirty plus homes burned to the ground in a single night. Nolan and his team want to make sure people are not rebuilding with products that will just hurt them the next time a storm shows up.

"The Supply Chain continues to take its shots at Eco as Eco gains acceptance by firefighters from coast to coast. Eco’s products are now available in the national supply chain, and are showing up in disaster rebuilds. This is happening around the country mostly in part because the people hurt by these disasters are looking to embrace technology," says Steve Conboy, President/CEO, Eco Building Products, Inc. "My team and I continue to make significant progress in trials and testing, as we prove day in and day out that there does exist cost-effective solutions for light-gauge framing members," added Conboy.