Over the last ten years technology has provided numerous solutions and also added complexity to the role of the project manager in an AEC firm. With the advancements in design software, project management tools and reporting, project managers are now tasked with an increasingly complex workload. With these advancements, have we changed the way we charge for and deliver our design services? Today, more than ever, internal project management methodologies and billing practices warrant a closer look.

This last year, Zweig Group found that over sixty percent of firms that use a CADD program do not charge for its use, while nearly seventy-five percent of firms using BIM services do not charge for the use of that system. If these values were easier to determine, would more firms consider billing for specific application use?

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This survey asks some pointed questions about billing for application use (CADD, BIM, UAV, etc.), time spent in production and how firms would implement new policies to capitalize on their assets.