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EarthCam Premieres Ultra-High Resolution Time-Lapse Cameras

EarthCam Premieres Ultra-High Resolution Time-Lapse Cameras

Sony Electronics and EarthCam collaborate to deliver new 61 megapixel live streaming webcams

Upper Saddle River, NJ – EarthCam, the leading provider of webcam technology and services, today announced new full-frame webcams which increase resolution by 154% over previous versions, realizing more artistic and commercial possibilities for entertainment, construction and security applications. This announcement builds on the success of EarthCam’s GigapixelCam X80 – launched in May – alongside ‘The World’s Largest Photo of New York City’.

EarthCam is expanding its close collaboration with Sony Electronics, utilizing Sony’s Alpha cameras as key image creation components for the company’s time-lapse webcams. The full-frame 61 megapixel sensor in the Alpha 7R IV allows the EarthCam webcams to capture an extraordinary level of detail and resolution. The new cameras added to EarthCam’s time-lapse line include the ultra-wide angle 61 MegapixelCam, and the 61 MegapixelCam Robotic, which adds a precision 360° pan/tilt base. Both cameras provide live video streaming for real-time progress monitoring, and feature exceptional resolution to provide a new level of detail for cost-effective time-lapse marketing. Other unique advantages of generating twice as much visual data are realized in the science of artificial intelligence. Higher resolution increases the accuracy of analytics offering clear benefits in driving productivity and providing a safer, more secure jobsite.

“EarthCam has consistently been the gold standard for archival documentation, and this line of time-lapse cameras will exceed the needs of the most demanding clients long into the future,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “We’re expanding this high-resolution full-frame sensor technology to our mid-priced cameras, so that projects of all sizes can be documented with incredibly detailed imagery and 8K cinematic time-lapse.”

Additionally, both new cameras feature RAW format imaging technology – a prerequisite for outstanding time-lapse imagery. RAW images contain 6,300% more levels of brightness than standard JPEG photos, allowing more adjustment without sacrificing image quality.

EarthCam’s patented GigapixelCam technology has been field proven in the most demanding environments, and now the technology behind it is available in mid-priced MegapixelCam cameras, making impactful public outreach for every project milestone easy and cost-effective even for small and midsize businesses. Cameras can easily be managed over 4G LTE, or 5G networks and customers can leverage the powerful software suite, industry leading service and on-site support that EarthCam has provided for 25 years.