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EarthCam Launches 360° Reality Capture App for Easy Jobsite Progress Reporting

EarthCam Launches 360° Reality Capture App for Easy Jobsite Progress Reporting

EarthCam's VR Site Tour App is designed for quick, straightforward DIY reality capture

EarthCam, the leader in live camera technology, content and services, today at Procore® Groundbreak announced its redesigned VR Site Tour app. EarthCam has helped contractors easily capture and share detailed photos and videos of jobsites for more than two decades. Now, a ground-up redesign of the VR Site Tour platform makes it faster, simpler and more intuitive to capture and communicate interior progress for owners and contractors.

VR Site Tour is specifically designed for quick, straightforward reality capture for small-to-medium jobsites. For larger scale projects, EarthCam provides a range of construction imaging solutions – including professional onsite photography services.

VR Site Tour interactive images are easily captured using a standard 360° camera, combined with EarthCam’s environmental sensor data, and automatically assembled into a virtual project tour. It quickly converts a day’s worth of progress into easy-to-share, 360° photos synching them directly to site plans, CAD drawings or 3D BIM models. All images are geo-tagged to properly align with the site plan. Immersive imagery quickly evidences actual live progress, reducing the need for site visits, preventing rework and saving time and money for stakeholders.

Combined with EarthCam’s construction cameras, VR Site Tour provides owners and contractors with comprehensive documentation of jobsite progress. Interactive 360° images from VR inspections are captured accurately without prior expertise or photographic knowledge.

Communicate interior progress with interactive 360° images in a virtual project tour

VR Site Tour is integrated with EarthCam’s all-inclusive software, encompassing all aspects of visual data management for construction, including AI analytics, 3D/4D model integration, live streaming and time-lapse.

By uploading immersive 360° imagery from VR Site Tour to project management platforms such as Procore and Autodesk Build, contractors are able to add value and provide greater insight. With EarthCam, annotated 360° images can be pushed to 100% of image-ready Procore Daily Log sections, including Photos, RFIs and Change Events, to allow greater transparency and faster collaboration.

EarthCam has long been the partner of choice among industry leaders for smart project documentation, promotion, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management more efficient with powerful visual data. Visit EarthCam’s exhibit #403 at Procore Groundbreak or set up a virtual meeting during Groundbreak at earthcam.net/groundbreak/virtual. To learn more about EarthCam’s VR Site Tour, visit earthcam.net/vrsitetour/.