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EarthCam Delivers a Suite of 21 New Features for Procore at Groundbreak 2022

EarthCam Delivers a Suite of 21 New Features for Procore at Groundbreak 2022

EarthCam's new support for Door Cams auto-populates Procore Visitors & Deliveries Logs

EarthCam, the leader in live camera technology, content and services, today announced its latest integration with Procore®, a leading global provider of construction management software. EarthCam premiered an expanded line of imaging products to support the widest range of visual information requirements for the jobsite. Over six years, EarthCam has continually added visual data functionality to its deep Procore integration, maintaining its position as the top site-camera integrator on the platform. EarthCam is increasing its commitment to Procore with 21 new features that address image automation, jobsite access control, safety violations, PPE compliance, and delivery of live, accurate weather data.

New with the sixth-generation integration is support for Door Cams in the Visitors and Deliveries sections of the Procore Daily Log. Front-of-house visits are automatically photographed and entered in the Visitors Log, while visits to the receiving area are recorded in the Deliveries Log. Site access is managed utilizing bi-directional voice communication and by remotely actuating a door or gate. This new service automatically creates permanent visual evidence of jobsite access and deliveries, complementing EarthCam’s perimeter security and License Plate Reader (LPR) systems. It also serves as a security camera after-hours with added protection from Central Station Monitoring to review incidents, assess risk and dispatch law enforcement when necessary.

EarthCam added support within Procore for PPE advisories powered by AI object recognition and analytics. When PPE is absent, alerts are generated in the Safety Violations section of the Daily Log. This extends EarthCam’s safety analytics data capabilities, which already include equipment identification, proximity detection and activity heat-maps. In addition, photos can now be uploaded selectively or in bulk so that, for example, contractors can share critical imagery more concisely with stakeholders in Procore.

“I love the fact when I’m stuck at my computer unable to walk the site I can jump on EarthCam take a photo and it uploads right to Procore,” said Ray Prokaski at Berglund Construction. “The ease of editing the photo or changing photo overlays as needed – right there – is very convenient. An added bonus of EarthCam is the quick response when needing to change the view, whether it’s a zoom adjustment or a change of direction.”

“EarthCam supercharges data in Procore by automatically supplementing written information with relevant, objective imagery,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “Contractors are significantly increasing their return on investment in Procore by relying on EarthCam to be their trusted eyes on the jobsite.”

Adding essential accuracy to Procore’s weather logs, EarthCam’s new Live Weather Service uses an onsite sensor array to detect 16 points of weather and environmental data. Archived and current local weather conditions are easy to review in the new Control Center weather dashboard. Weather alerts are sent when conditions exceed specified thresholds and high resolution time-stamped images are automatically uploaded to Procore Daily Logs with detailed weather data overlays for an indisputable record of onsite conditions.

EarthCam’s comprehensive integration reaches more sections in Procore than any other construction camera provider, and with this upgrade jobsite photography is now embedded in Quantities, Dumpster, Delay, Plan Revisions, and Productivity sections. Existing visual verification already includes RFIs, Change Events, Observations, Manpower, Notes, Equipment, Inspections, Safety Violations, Accidents, Waste, and Photos. For the Photos section, specific folder destinations are easily chosen to streamline administration and cut time spent searching for imagery. To help reduce the number of RFIs and change events necessary throughout each project, users can generate Procore Coordination Issues reinforced with actionable, high-resolution photos directly from EarthCam’s Control Center software.

EarthCam’s Control Center has long been the software of choice among industry leaders for smart project documentation, marketing, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management more efficient with powerful visual data. To learn about the sixth generation Procore integration and the benefits for construction industry professionals, visit EarthCam’s exhibit #403 at Procore Groundbreak or earthcam.net/procore. Virtual meetings with EarthCam during Groundbreak can be requested at earthcam.net/groundbreak/virtual.

EarthCam delivers new features for Procore including security, live weather & PPE alerts