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EarthCam Continues to Expand Procore Partnership

EarthCam Continues to Expand Procore Partnership

Introducing fully automated jobsite reality capture for daily reporting

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey – For this year’s Procore Groundbreak, EarthCam announced its fifth generation integration with the most widely used construction software platform. As the leading jobsite camera provider for Procore, EarthCam unveiled advanced image automations that make daily reports more informative, keep workers safe, and make project management more efficient. Using new AI object recognition technology, visual audits are automatically generated and sent to Procore, and a wide-range of live webcam imagery can be pushed to the platform, producing a real-time, single source of truth to drive productivity.

EarthCam’s comprehensive integration already supports the embedding of jobsite photography in most Daily Log sections, including Weather, Inspections, Accidents, Safety Violations, Equipment, Waste, and Photos. Today, EarthCam is fully automating several more sections, so that 100% of Procore’s image-ready Daily Log entries can be augmented with actionable, high quality video.

“With our fifth generation Procore integration, we’re building on an extensive partnership that is already increasing our customers’ ROI on their entire EarthCam/Procore investment,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “Studies demonstrate that human brains process images thousands-of-times faster than text – and visuals are remembered far more easily than written content – so it makes sense that our customers are saving valuable time and benefiting from definitive image data throughout their written Procore reports.                                                                                                                    

New Daily Log automations:

  • Safety Violations. New AI-powered proximity detection documents when a vehicle and a worker, or two workers come into close proximity with each other. This is annotated and highlighted to provide impactful educational images for risk awareness, social-distancing and close-call mitigation. This technology can also be used to flag exclusion zones – or mark areas where no workers or equipment should be.
  • Equipment. EarthCam’s in-house team of engineers and data-scientists have dramatically enhanced accuracy levels for AI identifications. For Construction Vehicles, EarthCam has exceeded typical industry dataset benchmarks by 19%. Unlike other solutions, which rely entirely on slower, server-side analysis of prior recordings, many of EarthCam’s analytics are deployed on the ‘edge’ in real-time, meaning that cameras do all the work instantaneously and accurately, creating a cost effective solution for customers.
  • Daily Construction Report. Video clips are uploaded to accompany perimeter entry/exit timestamps. Through EarthCam’s integration with Triax Technologies’ Spot-r suite of worksite solutions, video is automatically captured at the moment each worker enters and leaves the site. Contractors and owners have visibility from their Procore dashboard into who is on site, their trade, and other valuable data.
  • Notes. Heatmap images highlight areas where activity levels are high. These reality captures can identify and resolve inefficiencies in jobsite flow or manpower management.

In addition to these new automations, photos or videos can manually be pushed to new sections including Manpower, Notes, Waste and Delivery entries – for example – to capture evidence when shipments or packages arrive onsite. Content is digitally encrypted with time and date, then recorded as a Delivery Log. 

With pioneering new applications for AI-powered object recognition, EarthCam is continually developing richer visual experiences for a more informative jobsite. EarthCam provides end-to-end services, including camera rentals, same-day delivery and professional installation. To learn about the deeper Procore integration and the benefits for construction industry professionals, visit EarthCam’s virtual exhibit at Procore Groundbreak or earthcam.net/procore.

New automations: heatmap images for Notes section, video time stamps for Daily Construction Report