EarthCam Announces Visual Information Ecosystem for Construction at ENR FutureTech

San Francisco,  – EarthCam, the leading provider of construction camera technology and services, today introduced expanded technologies for AI-powered documentation, live progress reporting and 3D/4D model integration. EarthCam is known for providing the industry’s highest resolution cameras for an expansive range of jobsite imaging applications including AI-edited time-lapse documentation, 360° VR reality capture and multi-layer panoramic imaging. The growing list of solutions now includes aerial orthomosaic photography, perimeter security and live, in-camera AI safety analytics. These technologies enable EarthCam’s customers to stay equally informed – if not – more informed, than visiting the jobsite in-person.

“I would say that realistically it has cut our travel budget for verification for each individual job by at least 75% by having real-time service,” said Paul Smedberg, Project Executive at C.D. Smith Construction. “There isn’t a day that goes past that I don’t log into that camera – probably five times… the live, actual real-time is night-and-day to seven minute snaps.”

Central to EarthCam’s ecosystem is edge-based AI which automatically builds an archive of all activity on the jobsite, 24/7, identifying key equipment, interactions and alerting management about activity in danger-zones. Hundreds of customizable alerts can be configured, including when a raised man lift is moving, if PPE is absent or when workers are very close to energized equipment. Video clips and annotated images are proactively shared with stakeholders to reduce risk and make the jobsite safer.

“EarthCam continues to infuse the jobsite with digital technology to help improve on-site execution with live visual data,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “With an ever-increasing demand for information from the jobsite, EarthCam is adding significant value through these interconnected technologies, so that ultimately, our customers receive more for less.”

An entire project can now be recorded using EarthCam’s Edge Video Recorder (EVR) – which captures 200% more than the previous maximum duration, allowing contractors to continuously record HD security video for more than a year. EarthCam’s complete suite of visual data services includes daily progress reports, environmental sensor data, 3D model overlays, 4D model integrations with Bentley SYNCHRO, straightforward sharing with project management platforms and wide-ranging security services.

EarthCam’s Control Center has long been the software of choice among industry leaders for smart project documentation, promotion, safety and security. EarthCam provides camera rentals, professional installation and reality capture services to make construction project management more efficient with powerful visual data. To learn more about EarthCam’s software, services and enterprise pricing for the construction industry visit EarthCam  at