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Drone Nerds Will Feature Industry Thought Leaders As Speakers for ElevateUAV Summit

Drone Nerds is hosting its first-ever UAV industry summit in Miami. Apart from featuring exhibitors from major industry partners like DJI, Sony, Pix4D, Teal, and many more, the ElevateUAV Summit will also have speaker sessions and workshops regarding a wide range of uses, trends, and developments. 

Grant Hosticka, the Head of Enterprise Solutions Engineering for DJI, will participate as a guest speaker at ElevateUAV. He has helped many commercial organizations successfully deploy drones. Grant was one of the first people to graduate with a degree in Unmanned Systems and also has his private pilot license. Prior to joining DJI, Grant built his experience and UAV acumen by running his own drone service company, conducting utility field inspections of critical infrastructure.

Tom Cerchiara from Pix4D will also be joining in to provide AEC professionals with an overview of how reality capture using both drones and mobile devices saves money, reduces delays, and increases safety. In this session, attendees will learn how to use PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dsurvey, and PIX4Dcloud for drone-based mapping, and to deploy terrestrial workflows with PIX4Dcatch and the viDoc RTK Rover for ground control and ground-based reality capture. Pix4D will present end-to-end workflows for multiple industries including mapping and surveying, construction, stockpiles, infrastructure inspections, and underground utilities.

Tom is a Professional Land Surveyor with 23 years of experience working on construction, energy, and public works projects. He is a thought leader when it comes to advancing digital transformations with cost-efficient and easily deployable solutions, augmented reality, and computer vision.

For those in the public safety space, Drone Nerds will have a guest speaker from a local Fire Department, Mike Sember, who is a firefighter and paramedic. Mike will elaborate on the benefits of drones within the public safety space, particularly on how departments across the nation are using drones for disaster response and rescue operations.

Additionally, Dr. La’Quata Sumter will present a session on how early education on technology, drones, and STEM is transforming the future of students. As the growth and potential of the drone industry has increased over the last few years, it has created a need for drone education. This presentation will highlight the importance of drone education in driving growth in the industry. By teaching students how to design, build, and operate drones, we can create a workforce equipped with the skills necessary to meet the growing demand for drone-related services.

ElevateUAV will be held in Miami, FL, on July 26th-27th. As a premier industry event, the conference will connect drone manufacturers, developers, pilots, enthusiasts, and enterprises; early bird tickets are available now on elevateuavsummit.com

The ElevateUAV Summit will be held on July 26-27, 2023 at the FIU Biscayne Bay Kovens Conference Center in North Miami, FL. Organizations or experts that wish to participate in the Elevate UAV Summit can connect with the event organizers at support@elevateuavsummit.com.